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Highlighted Program
T3 (Teens Talking Together)
Together Lives Change presents “T3”, a self-motivated and energetic organization for girls that services at risk youth between the ages of 11-17 in the Hampton Roads area. “T3” will assist girls with the skills necessary to make and obtain positive decision-making skills to prevent future encounters with the juvenile justice system. “T3” believes that every girl is unique in her own way and possesses special talents and strengths.

Family Healing & Reunification Services

Together Lives Change is designed to educate, teach, empower, and provide the “clinical glue” to bond, heal, and reunite children back into a healthy family environment. TLC also strengnthen and improve lives with a stronger emphasis on prevention and intervention while meeting the unique and concrete needs of an individual or family by reinforcing positive behavioral changes.

President/CEO's Message

Together Lives Change (TLC) would like to thank you for your interest in our services. We specialize in providing individuals and families with the necessary tools to stabilize the family unit. With the support of dedicated counselors and parent support workers, we provide support planning and family asset management. Our goal is to help families find better ways to manage family life. We assist with preventing or eliminating the need for out of home placement of children by enhancing parental functioning.