Together Lives Change, Family Healing and Reunification Services is a time limited program designed to educate, teach, empower and provide the “clinical glue” to bond, heal and reunite children back into a healthy family environment.
TLC is an organization formed to create healthy families, which in turn, will create healthy communities. The Reunification Program is designed to assist the biological parent to regain custody of his or her child after a foster care placement. During Reunification Services the Family Support Worker endeavors to eliminate barriers that led to removal, such as unemployment, abuse/neglect, housing, parent education, finances and budgeting, substance abuse, and anger management. We will offer:

• Parenting (one to one)
• Communication Skills
• Problem Solving and Negotiation
• Household Management
• 24 hour On-Call (weekends)
• Job Search
• Assistance with Housing Search
• Transportation
• Credit Counseling (3 bureaus)
• Budgeting
• Focus Groups
• School support for children
• Coordination of Legal Services
• Aftercare Services (up to 3 months)
• Safety Plan meeting/ Trial home placement