In June 2008, Together Lives Change, LLC conducted a 10-week camp in the Hampton Roads area to address the many needs of children with mental health disabilities and who have been placed in more restrictive settings throughout the school year. Camp K.I.D.S. is designed to focus on outcomes by maintaining children in the least restrictive environment and utilizing least restrictive force.
CAMP K.I.D.S. utilizes a comprehensive treatment plan individualized for each child. Staff is trained to provide positive intervention to teach new and constructive behaviors. Counselors provide verbal support for accomplishments and directions for areas of improvement. Through this program, campers achieve improved self-esteem, peer relationships and understanding of their feelings.

Mission Statement:
To educate, nurture and enhance emotional growth of youth ages 6-15 with developmental delays and/or mental health disorders by fostering an environment without the use of physical restraints to address behavioral issues. We will attempt to provide a holistic approach to providing appropriate services for children.

Program Goals:
• Increase their ‘window of tolerance’ in crisis
• Improve behaviors at home and in the community
• Develop effective social, coping and daily living skills
• Improve communication, adaptive behaviors and interpersonal skills
• Generalize newly acquired skills

Camp K.I.D.S. will provide:
• One on One support
• Group Therapy/activities to address social and life skills
• The opportunity for consistent improvement in self esteem
• Understanding of their problems and learning methods of change
• An accepting, caring environment to learn to handle failure or success
• Therapeutic direction by experts in treatment of children
• Weekly off-site recreational activities