Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) functions as a development model. We believe that each child identified as “at risk” is really an individual with leadership qualities that need to be nurtured and developed. OUr motto “strengthening communities, one leader at a time” captures the heart of the program.

YLA operates as an innovative day support program to provide a stable environment to allow children to learn and thrive. Our system inspires the collaboration between the youth, school and home.

In-school supportive services help teachers create manageable classrooms, administrators to create meaningful dialog with parents and help families to communicate more effectively around behavior and education.

We assist with integrating promising practices and cultural beliefs into the public school setting to benefit the entire community. YLA works one-to-one with youth to help them realize the potential for managing their own behaviors.

In order to effectively address truancy issues and lower drop out rates, YLA utilizes a systemic approach by combining school based and community based interventions to increase positive outcomes for students. YLA focuses on:
– Relationship building between the school and the home
– Enforcing attendance policies
– Providing support to and from school
– Supporting schools to communicate absenteeism to all involved parties
– Providing intensive school interventions
– Collaborating with families and natural supports to identify strengths and resources
– Measuring the impact of the program

As an alternative to In-School Supportive Services, YLA offers a community based after school program that exposes future leaders to:
– Life Skills
– Anger Management Strategies
– Coping Strategies
– Communication Skills
– Problem Solving/Decision Making Skills
– Gang Awareness
– Positive Reinforcements
– Improving Academic Performance

Ask about our 10-week summer leadership program that provides transportation and daily snacks.
YLA is designed to provide continuity of care during the summer months and inviduals will participate in:
– Social Skills Building
– Positive Peer Interaction
– Anger Management Skills
– Academic Reinforcements
– Experiential Activities