Our program is designed to accommodate the needs of at risk youth ages 6-13 by being both affordable and high in quality while offering a therapeutic environment. Our quality sets us apart from other programs. Our approach affords academic and social interventions which provide multiple opportunities for children to explore and experiment, enhancing their academic and social skills through play. This approach creates activities that children can participate in at their own developmental level while the staff continues to interact with every child as a facilitator and observer of experimentation and discovery. This type of environment fosters healthy relationships among age appropriate peers and adults while building their social skills.

A.S.A.P. Will:
• Improve social skills
• Provide academic support
• Assist with forming healthy relationships
• Provide electives biweekly
• Address individual triggers
• Develop coping mechanisms
• Provide age appropriate group discussions
• Experiential activities
• Exposure to a foreign language
• Continuity of care through summer programs