Guys Getting Guidance

• G3 is designed to develop leadership skills by providing a safe environment where young men can learn to express themselves in a productive and healthy manner, to work collaboratively, and to discuss issues and concerns that affect their lives, in the home school and community.
• G3 is an all male group facilitated by an all male staff. It affords each participant a non-judgmental environment, peer-lead discussions, and activities which are both fun and instructional in content. G3 provides the future men of tomorrow with a supportive outlet to develop a voice as so many of our youth go unheard.
• G3 is a self-motivated and energetic organization for young men that services at risk youth between the ages of 13-17 in the Hampton Roads area.
• G3 will assist young men with the skills necessary to make and obtain positive decision-making skills to prevent future encounters with the juvenile system.