A.M.P. is a prevention based program designed to engage teens ages 14-17. This program is geared toward youth development by eliminating barriers to establish true identity. The learning approach is more informal and provides a sense of spontaneity which gives them a voice. Daily the teens are provided with factual information to invoke positive change. The overall goal is to provide guidance and support by promoting personal and social responsibility. It reflects an age continuum of services that generally plans for the needs of youth aging through the program. The ultimate outcome sought is to build effective and comprehensive skill competencies that would allow our youth to transition successfully into adulthood.

A.M.P. Will:
• Provide a refuge to voice concerns
• Cultivate responsible behavior
• Encourage healthy relationships
• Reduce recidivism
• Assist with character development
• Assist with personal discipline
• Enhance decision making skills
• Provide career exploration
• Service learning
• Continuity of care through summer programs